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Working in partnership with authors and publishers

'Whether you are an author, agent, publisher or a TV production company in need of a ghostwriter, please contact me for further information about my work and a confidential discussion about your requirements.'

What readers are saying:

Business skills


'... direct and to the point. There is no fluff. Many business books are a chore to read. This book has practical information presented in bite sized pieces which are very easy to digest.'


‘This book is a gem and full of a wisdom only a person who had actually made things happen rather than commenting on them is capable of. If you are fascinated with business ... then this book is a pearl. Enjoy.’


‘I found the book awe-inspiring. It gave me certain pointers about running a business that I had never heard of before ... GET THIS BOOK JUST FOR THE SIMPLE FACT THAT IT IS A INSPIRING READ.’


‘A book with detail, giving self belief that anything is possible if you can put your mind to it.’


‘This is an excellent book…’

'Fantastic book for reading on the tube, bus or train. Short stories from business leaders about their experiences.'

Child development


‘… a very credible book on how to look after your children … don't just leave it on the coffee table, read it.’


‘This book is great and a really easy and 'human' read. I would really recommend it as a great book for parents - and very easy to dip into for tips and insights.’


Personal development


‘… written in a clear and encouraging manner …’


‘This series of books is well worth checking out.’


‘…very well set out and is presented in manageable chunks. Furthermore, it is an enjoyable read as you learn a lot …’


‘Self-tests, diagrams, examples, practice exercises ... Excellent.’


‘The book is well structured and comprehensive…’


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Sarah has ghosted twenty published books to date, working with experts across a broad professional spectrum, including business, psychology, parenting and childcare, personal development and nutrition. Two titles are successful TV tie-ins.

What's in a name?


A ghostwriter is a professional time-saver: a combination of researcher, creative wordsmith and chameleon, driven by an interest in their subject matter and the commercial focus of a deadline.


The role acts as both conduit and catalyst, enabling the real author to express their words, experiences, advice or opinions in a clear and focused way that remains true to their ‘voice’.


A ghost may put the words physically on the page, but the true author is always the person who has the story to tell. Without the expert’s knowledge; without the person who has lived the life; there would be no book.

The writing process


Whatever the market level, the most important elements for success are:

         A clear working structure, planned in advance

         A good working rapport

         An authentic and consistent author 'voice' throughout the book

         Adequate time to write and review


Interviewing takes place face-to-face or by phone, depending on the author’s availability and preference.

What authors have said:

‘I couldn't have done it without you.'

‘As always you have turned my verbal comments into magic text … you are indeed a magician.’

‘... you were fantastic to work with, which made it soooo easy for me. Everyone so far has said what a great read the book is, which makes very happy.’

‘You deserve to be very proud of this [book]. Many, many thanks for your hard work and good will…’

‘Thank you for making my book possible … a brilliant ghostwriter.’

‘It is a total pleasure to be working with you again and I really am so delighted ... I am sure we will have much fun.’

‘A good book considering the time available.’

‘… thank you again (with head and heart!) for great work. The best job yet on any of my books. Really.’

‘I cannot thank you enough for your amazing contribution to this book.’

‘I especially want to thank Sarah Sutton … for her judgement and skill … But for her nocturnal tendencies, this edition might not have seen the light of day.’

Details of ghosted projects are confidential and are not listed on this website.

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