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7 disciplines to control, grow and add impact to your business


with Sarah Sutton

Have you got what it takes

to be a BOOM!preneur?

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BOOM!preneurs are entrepreneurs with the ‘wow’ factor. Good enough is never enough. Being exceptional is the preferred result.

Entrepreneur, business mentor and self-made millionaire Emma Wimhurst is a straight-talking and hard hitting business professional whose advice is based on solid experience. BOOM! shares the 7 business disciplines that are the secret of Emma’s success and provides down-to-earth guidance on how to build and grow a company that will succeed.

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ISBN 978-0-9563356-0-9


Diva Publishing
12 November 2009

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What business professionals are saying

“Enthusiastic, passionate, encouraging and practical, based on Emma's own real-life experience – like having your own business mentor in a book.”

Mike Southon, Financial Times columnist and co-author of The Beermat Entrepreneur and other business books.

“Emma is a businesswoman who has delivered results .... Every business owner will benefit from reading her book!”

Saira Khan, TV presenter and founder of Miamoo Ltd

“…one of the most readable business manuals that I have ever encountered… there is dynamite buried in every page.”

Edwin Booth, chairman, Booth’s supermarkets – from the Foreword

“Emma is a highly sought after speaker who educates, engages and captivates audiences and I believe this book will do the same.”

Bev James, managing director, The Coaching Academy

“Clear, honest, practical and fun, BOOM! is the book to get your business back on track and into the fast lane.”

Faith Eckersall, columnist and lifestyle writer

“… Emma Wimhurst, like all good communicators, has a neat line in making the fundamentals of business simple...”

Ian Wallis, editorial director and head of entrepreneur TV, www.cmypitch.com

“Loaded with powerful tips, this is a book that will make you think and think again. Building on vast experience, Emma writes with sincerity in a most powerful and inspirational way.”
Gill Bevis, editor of The Business

“Emma Wimhurst has been there, done it and made a success of it so she is qualified to write about it. Her business strategies and know-how are presented with the dynamism and clarity that has become her trademark. A must read for all would be entrepreneurs.”

Peter Middleton, chief executive, success.tv

“… Every page is laced with the understanding of someone who has been there and done it. This is a handbook for a business person, not a dry and dusty tome that will end up on the shelf unread ....”

Paul Lavers, TV presenter/producer and media trainer

“If you're thinking of becoming an entrepreneur and stepping into the world of self-employment, read BOOM! first as it will equip [you] with the skills and outlook you'll need to succeed.”

Dave Howell, writer, journalist and publisher

“Emma presents some really easy to apply tips and techniques for you to apply to your business. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach makes it easy to follow…”

Jo Cameron, founder, Women On Their Way Ltd, media commentator and professional speaker



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