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Working in partnership with authors and publishers

Editorial services

  • Writing and research
  • Ghostwriting
  • Project management
  • Structural editing
  • Editorial consultancy
  • Copywriting
  • Copyediting
  • Commissioning
  • Interim management

Technical skills:
Microsoft Word used for editing. Experienced in Quark and InDesign.

Your needs

Every client is different and each project is unique – so it is important not to make any assumptions about your needs. Before starting work Sarah will meet with you and your team to:

         Discuss and agree the brief

         Agree a quote and a schedule

         Supply sample text for approval


Key aspects include:

  • Book structure and contents
  • Editorial style or 'voice'
  • Market requirements
  • Design features and word count
  • Technical considerations
  • Author availability
  • Project approval process
  • Any special requirements

You will receive progress updates during the course of the project, and will be asked for feedback on completion.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary according to complexity, length, and type of project. The following rates apply from 1 January 2013 but a price per project may also be agreed.

Writing and ghost-writing:    Quote on request

Project management:            Quote on request

Editorial consultancy:           £300 per day

Structural editing:                £30 per hour

Copyediting:                       £27.50 per hour
Copywriting:                       £35 per hour

Subject areas

  • Business
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Personal development
  • Psychology
  • Social sciences
  • Building conservation
  • The environment


Annette Peppis is a talented and versatile graphic designer and project manager with many years’ experience of creating a broad range of illustrated and text-led books. "We have worked together on many projects and I wholeheartedly recommend her skills."

Visit Annette’s website for more in-depth information and examples of her design work.


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